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Dry Fog Humidifier Nozzle System

  • CYCO AE-Series

  • Average diameter: 7.5 um

  • Capacity: 2.4L/h (Air pressure is 0.3MPa)

  • Easy-handling installation kits

  • Easy to Install, can install maximum 4 nozzles

  • Material: Body: PP; Nozzle tip: Sus303 and PPS; Nozzle tip: Fluorine glue, Nitrile rubber ring

  • Weight: About 410g (when full of water)

Dry Fog Humidifier System

Disinfection Suppression Nozzle

dry fog humidifier

Application of Dry Fog Humidifier System Nozzle

dryfoghumidifier application
dryfoghumidifier application

Feature of Dry Fog Humidifier System

Humidification is a process of controlling the humidity of the air, it’s necessary for some application to adjust the humidity like the warehouse, electronics factory,  greenhouse and any other application where humidity is critical to the process.



Humidifier air will vaporize quickly, vaporization will take away a large amount of heat and will cool down.


We can fast control the working humidity at 45%RH or within a certain range by dry fog humidifier.


When air humidity increases, Large particles of dust can be aggregated together, dropped to the ground.

CYCO Dry Fog Humidifier System Design Pictures

View Dry Fog Humidifier in Different Parts and Angles


Moveable Humidifier Device

No need piping, simple and convenient, only need power and air source, can be used in any occasions.

The humidifier combination consists of humidifier frame, liquid storage tank, and air compressor.

No need piping tools. The installation cost is even lower if there is existing air source.

dry fog humidifier system device moveable

Installation Diagram of Dry Fog Humidifier System

Dry Fog Humidifier Nozzle System Installation Instruction


Dry Fog Humidifier Nozzle System Instruction Download

CYCO Dry Fog Humidifier Nozzle System Instruction and Installation Catalogue

Dry Fog Humidifier Nozzle System Video

You May Watch How Dry Fog Humidifier Nozzle System Works

The high-quality dry fog humidifier – AE series produce silk-like ultra-dry mist particle. It is ideal for humidification in narrow space without wetting the wall.

Dry Fog Humidifier Nozzle Application

  • Printing, textile, paper mills
  • Localized humidification and anti-electrostatic around the machine
  • Anti-electrostatic in plastic and film factories and dry fog cooling
  • Humidification for various materials
  • Humidification in the freezer of vegetables, fruits and fresh food
  • Gardening, greenhouse humidification Poultry farms
  • Disinfection and deodorization of garbage dumps
  • Timed automatic humidification and automatic disinfection
  • When a small amount of dry fog is required
  • When installing a humidifier

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